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    {pg Ein Feshkha map.BW.jpg} Map of 'Ein Feshkhah with the long wall (R. de Vaux, RB 66 (1959) pl. 2
    The second site that may be associated with Qumran lies about fifteen kilometers to the south of it, at 'Ein el Ghuweir. It was excavated by Bar Adon, and the results were first published in 1971. It consists of a long room and kitchen, as well as another small room and other walls. Magness dates the site to the Herodian period (37 B.C.E.-70 C.E.?). Two fires destroyed the site on two separate occasions. A cemetery just north of the site included 18 tombs, all but five of which were oriented on a north-south axis and had the same shaft-and-niche construction of the Qumran tombs. Like the Qumran cemetery, stones were arranged on top in an oval shape, with a large flat stone at the south (the "head") end; the Qumran tombs also had such a stone on the north end of each grave. Twelve of the graves contained men, while 6 contained women (Bar-Adon does not indicate which of these are in the n-s graves). All of the bones were red-stained. The men were between 18 and 70 years of age, while the women were between 18 and 34 years of age. Four objects were recovered from some graves, apparently cast in after the first ash was shoveled in. These are all storage jars; one of them bears a Jewish name (Jonathan).
    Ghuweir, see
    "Pottery of Qumran and Ein Ghuweir: The First Chemical Exploration of Provenience", Joseph Yellin, Magen Broshi, and Hanan Eshel, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, No. 321 (2001), pp. 65-78 Yellin, Magen, Broshi article)
    Question #1: Based on the evidence presented here, do you think that either or both of these sites are associated with Qumran? Is there an reason to believe there may be other sectarian sites in the land? Methodologically, of what do we need to be careful when making these kinds of associations?
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    Finally, we turn to the seven caves closest to the Qumran site (caves 4-10). In this photograph, taken from the NW corner of the compound, the cliff along the right edge of the picture is the cliff in which Caves 4-5 were located. Glance at the list of Qumran manuscripts in García Martínez's appendix. Get an ballpark sense for how many of the 900 manuscripts found at Qumran were found in Caves 4-5, and 4-10, compared to the farther caves.
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    There is, however, evidence from the archaeological compound that matches evidence from the caves.
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